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What is franchising?

When you hear the word “franchise”, you probably think of restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. But there are many more types of franchise businesses. One out of every three dollars spent by Americans for goods and services is spent in a franchised business. Franchising is a method of doing business. It is a method of marketing a product and/or service which has been adopted and used in a wide variety of industries and businesses. Franchising offers people the freedom to own, manage and direct their own business. 

The franchisor is the one who owns the right to the name or trademark of the business. The franchisee is the one who purchases the right to use the trademark and system of business. Business format franchises offer the franchisee not only a trademark and logo but a complete system of doing business. Indeed, the word “system” is the key concept to franchising. A franchisee receives assistance with the selection of the business, personnel training, business set-up, advertising, and product supply. For these services, the franchisee pays an up-front franchise fee and ongoing royalty which enables the franchisor to provide training, research and development, and support.

I'm interested in owning my own Max One Business / Insurance Agency / Tax Firm. How do I get started?

We would love to have you join our Max One Family! You would be part of a growing family of 175 locations nationwide. Joining the Max One  Team gives you the great opportunity to own your own successful business with a system in place that is proven to work. To get started, you need to complete the Formal Request for Consideration. Then, we will contact you to schedule an appointment or a conference call with our Coordination/Development Department.

How much is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee varies depending on the package: 

Home Office Business Package $4,500 (USD)

Commercial Office Business Package $9,500 (USD).

Is Financing available?

Franchisees generally have an easier time securing bank loans than their independent business owner counterparts, because they have the backing of an established trademark and marketplace experience of their franchisor. Banks generally point to lower default rates on franchise loans. In addition, several lending institutions specialize in franchise loans, catering almost exclusively to franchising. Lenders who specialize in franchise financing are listed on the International Franchise Association’s website at Look for the supplier business district, then go to the financial services category.

Will there be training and support?

Our initial training is 2 weeks long. Franchise owners are assisted in every step prior to opening, as well as the continual support from our management staff. Extensive training is provided periodically to enhance the owner’s ability to maximize the income potential.

How do I find the perfect location?

We make recommendations based on demographics, population and traffic. We focused on where you actually live as a starting point.

I am eager to get started. How long does the opening process usually take?

Once you start the process, it should take between 2 weeks to 3 months to the Grand Opening depending on Home or Commercial office.

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document and how do I obtain the document?

The two important documents are the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement. Every franchisor is required by the Federal Trade Commission to prepare an extensive disclosure document for each potential franchise purchaser. When you are given the disclosure, you will be asked to sign and date a statement expressing that the document was indeed given to you. No money can be taken for the franchisor for fourteen (14) days from the time you signed the disclosure. The fourteen days affords you the time to study, evaluate and prepare your financing (this time period may vary from state to state). The disclosure document should be reviewed carefully. Once you fill out the Formal Request for Consideration, we will send you a PDF version of the FDD and A Brochure.

What is a Franchise Agreement?

You should carefully review the franchise agreement. This document sets forth the expectations and requirements of the franchisor. It also describes the franchisor’s commitment to you, the franchisee. Included will be information about the territorial rights of the franchisee, location requirements, training schedule, and other items the franchisor has determined important. The franchise agreement is detailed and specific because, when it is signed, it affects four parties: (1) the franchisor, (2) the new franchisee, (3) other franchisees who are a part of the franchise family, and (4) the public who will purchase the goods or services from the franchisee.

Are there any opportunities in my area?

As we continue our expansion, there are always new opportunities. Completing the Request for Consideration is the first step in the process of learning about these new opportunities.

Are there any existing Max One Franchise for sale?

We will inform you if there are any at the time you inquire.

I am a landlord with available property that would be great for a Max One location. Would Max One be interested in my location?

Maybe that could be a great opportunity. We will analyze each location with demographics, traffic count, etc.  and make recommendations.

How can I apply / How can I get Started?

Once you have a chance to review our brochure and our company in general, apply by filling out our Formal Request for Consideration. (Use the link provided on the Website)

I have more questions about how to get started. Who can I contact?

You can call us at our Franchise Department at 1-855-909-5123, ext. 1 OR email us at