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A Message from Max One Companies CEO, Mr. Georges McNally.


Friends and Families know me primarily as an Educator pretty much my whole life,  a Husband, a Father and a Businessman. Being an educator has really paved the way to Business as I’m always learning, helping others, building a team and continuously educating financially. It all started in 2014, the number of people needing Affordable Health Insurance at that time was 27 millions individuals in the United States, a staggering number. Eureka! Thus, the opportunity. Until today, millions are still in need of Affordable Healthcare coverage. I want to welcome you to the financial industry, a journey that will change the lives of many families that you touch and ultimately yours.

Max One was founded with the basic principle of helping the community to get healthier and better financially.  It starts with helping families get quality affordable health insurance for themselves then extends to assuring the protection of what they work hard for like their home and business, brief peace of mind  through life Insurance. Financial Services does not stop there. Tax Planning/Preparation and Retirement Planning became strong areas to assist Families and another powerful stream of income.  My goal became to grow a Financial Team, educate and share knowledge/resources reciprocally. I started with helping 400 families in my 1st year in Business to 25,000 families as a team with our goal being 100,000 families by 2030.  I believe that you stop living if you don’t have a dream, I want your dream to scare you and evidently I want you to take steps day-by-day month by month year by year toward achieving those dreams. Remember, “with commitment you will get things started and with consistency you will hit the finish line”. I want to welcome you to join one of the most influential financial team in South Florida. Whether you’re a licensed agent or a non licensed individual: Through Max One, we have the right business model to help you assist families and build a financial legacy, The choice is always yours!

Georges McNally